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When executing an echo on a bash script like this:

(echo mysql --host=${host} --user=${user} --password=${password} ${database} '<'  '${i// /\\ }' )

I get the "correct" line echoed to the terminal... however when I remove the echo I get MySQL errors. The problem is I can't see exactly what is being sent to mysql, but it seems to be different than what I see when I do the echo... any ideas?

Thank you.

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If this is in a bash script, then change the first line to

#!/bin/bash -x

This will execute the script in debug mode and allow you to see expansion of all the variables.

The input redirection '<' should not be in quotes, and neither should the input source. Even without the quotes I don't think that the input source will expand to what you want it to be.

Try creating your input source string before using it in the mysql command.

declare input=${i// /\\ }

Use eval

eval mysql --host=${host} --user=${user} --password=${password} ${database} < ${input}

eval will expand all variables before attempting to execute the command.

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I guess you should remove the single quotes around < and ${i// /\\ } when trying to execute the command. When executing you have to treat these as the appropriate tokens rather than merely as strings.

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