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Today is my first day writing Excel macro and I was given a task to modify someone else's' code to add new features. I learn Excel has a Immediate window which I am finding very useful.

I do have a question that I am unable to find the answer to in the last hour of searching. If you look at the image below you will notice that fstr is a string variable.


Currently, fstr holds a formula. How can I print out actual value of this formula instead of the formula itself?

One thing I tried was fstr.xlPastValues, but it didn't work. I got this idea from recording a macro while pasting a value of a formula manually.

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You can use the Evaluate method:

Sub Tester()
Dim sFormula As String
    sFormula = "=A1+A2"
    'evaluate in the context of the current worksheet
    '  adjust to suit...
    Debug.Print ActiveSheet.Evaluate(sFormula)
End Sub
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thanks again. this was such a life saver by looking at all the values in an external file. i can now get some sleep tonight. –  vbanoob May 5 '11 at 2:58

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