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My string.xml has a string:

<string name="loginLocation"></string>

In my java file, I am trying to reference it like so:

url = new URL(R.string.loginLocation);

except I am getting the error:

The constructor URL(int) is undefined

I managed to get the error to go away by doing:

url = new URL(Integer.toString(R.string.loginLocation));

except when I make the call to it, I get a Protocol Error

I can do:

url = new URL("");

and it works fine, but I'd like to define it in the Strings.xml file. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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If you're trying to do it in a method of the Activity subclass, then do the following:

url = new URL(getString(R.string.loginLocation));
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excellent, thanks – Ronnie May 4 '11 at 18:36
You're welcome! – Michael May 4 '11 at 18:45

getResources() will give you a lot of methods for accessing what's in your /res directory. Among the rest, the method you are looking for is getString(R.string....), which is also available directly from your Context (without the Resources object).

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As simple as this:


What nobody mentions online is to put .this before gettxt() or getText():

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