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I am developing an application with play framework and JPA/Hibernate for the database. I reached a stage that I need to see how the database looks like to check my code correctness. I have tried CRUD module but it's very limited. I need a tool that I can use to see and navigate the database created under the hood by JPA. Thanks in advance

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Did you check squirrel?

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I like Db Visualizer which has a free community edition and it has a feature that creates diagrams of tables associated with the one you have currently selected in the tree view. I use it to analyze how Hibernate creates tables for me during the design/JPA annotation phase. This is the best tool I have used for this work.

If you can pay some money, I really like Aqua Data Studio, it has a diagram generation feature that is pretty cool.

If you are using MySQL then you may consider MySQL Workbench it also has a feature to generate diagrams out of your current tables.

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+1 for Db Visualizer. –  digitaljoel May 4 '11 at 18:56

If you use Oracle DB or MySQL, your best option is SQL Developer, one of best in its kind.

To get mysql connectivity, you need to select Preferences/Extensions and check update on 3rd party extensions: you will see the MySQL driver show up.

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Try the new database view in Play 1.2 http://localhost:9000/@db
Simple but useful ;)

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