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I am working with an Xcode project that is going to have two different development tracks. One track (T1) will continue to add new features and functionality, while the other track (T2) will be reorganizing the classes and files as well as fixing bugs etc. T2 will have changes merged from T1 after T1 has a release, however, the changes in T2 will not be reintegrated with the T1, at least not in the near term. My question is around how to manage the Xcodeproj in the T2 branch. When doing a subversion merge from T1 to T2, there will be new files, such as images and classes added to T2. What is the best way to have the new files included in T2 Xcodeproj? I am investigating changing the project.pbxproj, but that looks like it would be prone to error. I would like to avoid having to manually add the files from Xcode, unless it can somehow do them all at once. In testing, I have seen that trying to add all the files from the filesystem in Xcode will duplicate the files if they already existed in the project, which would mean that we would need to find and select each individual file to add to the project.

I can add more detail if the problem is not clear. I understand that have the dev tracks setup in this manner is probably not a best practice, but it is what we are dealing with.

I am working with Xcode 4.0.2.


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The current workaround we are using is to remove and recreate the directories with the new files. – yourgoodkarma May 6 '11 at 21:48

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