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I have an array

$a = array(
           "2010-05-03" =>100,
          "2010-05-04" =>400,   
           "2008-05-01" =>800,
          "2011-01-01" =>800

How do I find maximum and minimum by key( date)?

For example:

max => 2011-01-01
min => 2008-05-01
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I would be lazy and just let PHP look twice over the array. Once to find the minimum and a second time to find the first matching key for that value:

$min_key = array_search(min($a), $a);

Or for the maximum:

$max_key = array_search(max($a), $a);
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max() and min() return the highest/lowest value of an array, not the highest/lowest key. – Philippe Gerber May 4 '11 at 19:45
Yes, that's what they do. Hence the second step. – mario May 4 '11 at 19:46
Arg, stupid me thought array_search() returns a value, not a key ... but that does not make any sense. Sorry! :-) – Philippe Gerber May 4 '11 at 19:49

(Not sure if you want the values for the max and min keys or the keys for the max and min values.)

This returns the values for the max/min keys:

$keys = array_keys($a);
$min = $a[min($keys));
$max = $a[max($keys));
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On second reading, this might be what OP actually asked for. (Finding minimum/maximum dates.) – mario May 4 '11 at 19:53
$maxK = $a[0];
$minK = $a[0];
foreach($a as $k => $v) {
    if($v > $a[$maxK]) $maxK = $v;
    if($v < $a[$minK]) $minK = $v;

Is probably what you want. Then you can get the min/max keys and values like so:

$maxKey = $maxK;
$maxValue = $a[$maxK];
$minKey = $minK;
$minValue = $a[$minK];
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One approach would be to extract the keys from the array via array_keys and then natural case sort the keys via natcasesort.

As such, you'd end up with:

    $testData = array(
        "2010-05-03" =>100,
        "2010-05-04" =>400,   
        "2008-05-01" =>800,
        "2011-01-01" =>800

    natcasesort($testKeys = array_keys($testData));

    echo 'Min: ' . $testKeys[0] . ', max: ' . $testKeys[count($testKeys) - 1] . '<br />';
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$keys = array_keys($a);
$min = $keys[0];
$max = $keys[count($keys) - 1];

or, simply

$min = array_search(min($a), $a);
$max = array_search(max($a), $a);
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