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Is it possible to execute a read inside a git foreach?

git submodule foreach 'read -p "test"; echo $REPLY'

does not work at all as the read gets the input from git itself - which is the objname and hash here. Is there any chance to read interactively of the console?

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+1 for nice screen name – sehe May 4 '11 at 20:18

You can if you redirect input/output to /dev/tty. You will want to check whether a tty is available with isatty based methods first when you do this kind of thing.

E.g., create a ./test.sh like so

exec </dev/tty >/dev/tty
read -p "Enter text:" VALUE
echo "got: $VALUE"

And then

git submodule foreach ../test.sh

Will do the right thing, e.g. in my testing

sehe@meerkat:~/custom/MONO$ git submodule foreach ../test.sh
Entering 'cecil'
Enter text:a
got: a
Entering 'glib'
Enter text:b
got: b
Entering 'gtk-sharp'
Enter text:c
got: c
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