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what are the best options at the moment to set up a code review system for me and my peers ? We're iPhone developers, writing code using XCode , and working with SVN using CornerStone.


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If you're looking for a free and open solution, then I would recommend taking a look at http://www.reviewboard.org/ We have used this with some success. Not all of the features you might like, but should give you everything you need for a solid web-based review tool.

Good luck.

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would you say it's better than something like code.google.com/p/rietveld ? Got any suggestions for something that's not free ? –  Idan Aug 27 '11 at 6:59
can't recall why we chose Review Board over rietveld, but I think the feature sets are similar. rietveld was written by a Google employee and I think it's based on the process they use internally. As for paid, take a look at CodeCollaborator from SmartBear ... looks like a great product, but I have only used a demo version and that was a few years back .. smartbear.com/products/development-tools/code-review –  Andrew Little Aug 27 '11 at 13:51

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