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I have two Google App Engine Models. I ran my cron's a few times and now there are duplicate entries in my datastore. If it was easy to just delete my entire datastore and upload my data again I would. BUT it took 4 hours to upload last time so I am wondering is there a quick way of deleting entries with duplicate names in the "title" field within the model?

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Quick? Probably not.

If you did want to delete dupes, my approach would be to write a remote_api script. Query the model for all entities, sort by title, and fetch batches of 100. Keep a local Python dictionary of titles. If you encounter a new title, add it to the dictionary. If you encounter a known title, add the entity to a delete batch, and flush the deletes before moving on to the next query batch.

Probably an excessive amount of work when you can just wipe out your datastore and re-import instead.

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reimport it is! Thanks :-) –  jenniem001 May 4 '11 at 21:44

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