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There is a narrow DIV which contains a much wider DIV. How do I center the child DIV horizontally within the browser window (and not the parent DIV) such that the left and right margins are equal?

<div id="narrow_container" style="float:left;">
     <div id="wide_contents">
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Possible CSS:

#narrow_container {display: block; 
   width: 600px; 
   margin: 0 auto;
} /* narrow div, this can be anything except position: relative */
#wide_contents {position: absolute;  
} /* screen-centered div */

You're basically then just positioning the element absolutely relative to the window, since absolute positioning positions relative to the closest parent with position: relative. If you don't have any parents with position: relative, it will default to the document body.

The technique for centering is reasonably common and makes use of a negative margin that is as wide as half of element's width, and then positions the element 50% from the left. This results in a horizontally centered element.

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I think this is what you're after: Center Align on a Absolutely Positioned Div

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