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I'm trying to figure out how to create a graphical interface, in X11, which exists outside of a window manager's/desktop environment's standard window frame. For example, when Thunderbird finds new mail, it shows a special alert in the lower right hand corner of the screen which is shown without any frame (no close/minimize buttons, etc.).

I'm specifically interested in doing this in QT with C++, but if someone knows a solution with a different graphical library, that would be helpful too.

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2 Answers

For QT pass Qt::FramelessWindowHint as a window flag when you construct your top level widget.

See here for more info:


You can do this with X as well although I haven't done so in a long time.


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With GTK you would use gtk_window_set_decorated(), which would probably be Gtk::Widget->set_decorated() (I think, I don't use gtkmm).


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