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I'm trying to get @font-face looking perfect in IE, but am short of a solution.

I've checked out this: which didn't work on my Windows7 IE.

Anyone has a better solution?

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I've sort of come to a conclusion that I feel confortable with.

For text that absolutely need to be perfect across browsers with the anti-aliasing, I would use Cufon/JavaScript solution. @font-face just doesn't compare in terms of rendering across browsers.

For text that does not need that kind of perfection and were using webfont Arial/Verdana etc. to begin with, I would sacrifice extra download of the font to get a nicer font right across the site.

So the answer to the question is no... it is not possible to force the browser in being able/unable to do anti-aliasing by front-end CSS methods.

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I can confirm that the alleged @font-face smoothing fix for IE does not work in IE6/7/8 and I couldn't find any other solution to make @font-face render nicely in IE6/7/8. – rustyx Dec 14 '14 at 20:45

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