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I use poster.streaminghttp method to upload large file to sharepoint server. My code is working fine for BASIC authentication. But for NTLM, it is not working. How to authenticate ntlm if i use poster. for large file, i should

    import os
    import sys
    import time
    import base64
    import hmac
    import mimetypes
    import urllib2
    from hashlib import sha1
    from poster.streaminghttp import register_openers
    import base64

    def read_data(file_object):
        while True:
            r = file_object.read(64 * 1024)
            if not r:
            yield r

    def upload_file(filename, bucket):
        print 'start'
        length = os.stat(filename).st_size
        content_type = mimetypes.guess_type(filename)[0]
        print 'before'
        print 'after'
        input_file = open(filename, 'rb')
        data = read_data(input_file)
        request = urllib2.Request(bucket, data=data)
        base64string = base64.encodestring('IWSSPS\\adm:iws@123')
        auth_string = "NTLM %s" % base64string
        request.add_header('Content-Type', content_type)
        request.add_header('Content-Length', length)
        request.add_header('Authorization', auth_string)
        print 'before lamda'
        request.get_method = lambda: 'PUT'

        try :
        except Exception, e:
            print "Exception",e

        print "after lambda"

    upload_file('C:\\largeFile.pdf', "")
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