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I am using AIX.

When I try to copy all the file in a folder to another folder with the following command:

cp ./00012524/*.PDF ./dummy01

The shell complains:

ksh: /usr/bin/cp: 0403-027 The parameter list is too long.

How to deal with it? My folder contain 8xxxx files, how can I copy them very fast? each file have size of 4x kb to 1xx kb.

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Use find command in *nix:

find ./00012524 -name "*.PDF" -exec cp {} ./dummy01/ \; -print
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this work, but is rather slow perhaps? –  lamwaiman1988 May 5 '11 at 5:17

The cp command has a limitation of files which you can copy simultaneous.

One possibility you can copy them using multiple times the cp command bases on your file patterns, like:

cp ./00012524/A*.PDF ./dummy01
cp ./00012524/B*.PDF ./dummy01
cp ./00012524/C*.PDF ./dummy01
cp ./00012524/*.PDF ./dummy01

You can also copy trough find command:

find ./00012524 -name "*.PDF" -exec cp {} ./dummy01/ \;
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The best command to copy large number of files from one directory to another.

find /path/to/source/ -name "*" -exec cp -ruf "{}" /path/to/destination/ \;

This helped me a lot.

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The -t flag to cp is useful here:

find ./00012524 -name \*.PDF -print | xargs cp -t ./dummy01

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$ ( cd 00012524; ls | grep '\.PDF$' | xargs -I{} cp {} ../dummy01/ )
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You should be able use a for loop, e.g.

for f in $(ls ./00012524/*.pdf)
    cp $f ./dummy01

I have no way of testing this, but it should work in theory.

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The ls command will probably (read "almost certainly") get the same error. Argument too long is a standard error from the C libraries on a Unix like system (man sysconf for more on that). The best appproaches are find ... | cpio -pvumd ... or using xargs or tar c...| tar x etc. NOne of those will need a shell expanded glob which is the cause of his problem. This is really more appropriate for SeverFault or SuperUser than for SO. –  Jim Dennis May 5 '11 at 4:08

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