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I have drawn two path lines using SVG and I've saved these elements into two variables in my javascript code: 'Line1', and 'Line2', and I need to merge the two lines into one single path element. Is there a way to do so?

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Are your paths defined relatively (small letters) or absolutely (capitals)? If absolute, joining two paths is trivial, just append the values of the d attribute. If you have two paths like this:

<path id="Line1" d="M50,50
         A30,30 0 0,1 35,20
      style="stroke:#660000; fill:none;"/>
<path id="Line2" d="M110,110
      style="stroke:#660000; fill:none;"/>

Then this JavaScript code:

var Line1 = document.getElementById("Line1");
var Line2 = document.getElementById("Line2");
//Add paths together
Line1.setAttribute('d', Line1.getAttribute('d') + ' ' + Line2.getAttribute('d'));
//Remove unnecessary second path

Will lead to you having a single path like this:

<path id="Line1" d="M50,50
         A30,30 0 0,1 35,20
         L100,100 M110,110
      style="stroke:#660000; fill:none;"/>

Here's a jsFiddle, it works in Firefox 4 (needs an HTML5 parser so you can have inline SVG).

If your paths are relative then you're going to have to add something between the appended paths so that the second one starts in the correct place.

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