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For my RDLC report I am using a table, which have around 15 cells. Each cell can vary in height. the data have been bind to a report class i have created. When i run my query i can get about 1 to 15 tables in a report, i am having couple of issues with it,

first issue is, the data over flow in the table and ends up splitting up the table to a couple of pages.what i would like to see happen is the whole table gets moved to a new page rather than half of it.I tried grouping the table, set the options to true for "keep together" but nothing seems to work...

my second issue is every other page is blank, i tried changing the margins but nothing seems to work.....

any RDLC experts out there who can help????


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Check out GONeale answer over here: It helped me. – Eduardo Xavier Aug 6 '12 at 0:20

try to put every table in a rectangle and put the keep together in the property of the rectangle keep the page in the prportaional maby you are sliding to the other page so you can fill the border

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well i sorted all these issues using a different method, by using crystal report . seriously if anybody who are contemplating on taking the RDLC route... DON'T!!! – AJ17 May 9 '11 at 13:09

This happens because size of the report and size of the report body does not match. To resolve this, click on blank space in the left side of the report and see properties. If your report is 8.5 X 11 in and 1in margin both sides, than report body width shouldn't be more than 6.5 in.

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