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Can I use linkedin gem to send invitation by email??

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2 Answers

looks like you can not, yet. From the Readme:


Change to json api

Update and correct test suite

Change to Faraday for authentication

Implement Messaging APIs

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LinkedIn::Client.class_eval do
  def send_invitation(options)
    path = "/people/~/mailbox"
    message = {
      "recipients" => {
        "values" => [
            "person" => {
              "_path" => "/people/email=#{options[:email]}",
              "first-name" => options[:first_name],
              "last-name" => options[:last_name]
      "subject" => "Invitation to connect.",
      "body" => options[:body],
      "item-content" => {
        "invitation-request" => {
          "connect-type" => "friend"
    post(path, message.to_json, "Content-Type" => "application/json")

use like any other gem methods

client.send_invitation({:email=>"email", :first_name=>"first name", :last_name=>"last name", :body=>"body"})
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