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I have a database with 20 tables inside it. I want to fetch records from 10 related tables at a time, and I am using Hibernate. What is the best solution: to write a single query using join with select, or write 2 or 3 simple queries? I want to select the better solution for my service.

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If the tables are related to each other, I would try using JOINS, they provide better (much better) performance than just using nested queries.

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Perform Inner joins as often as possible when looking to combine data from multiple tables. From what I understand they are more efficient than outer joins.

INNER JOIN vs LEFT JOIN performance in SQL Server

This post goes in depth to explaining the reasons why.


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Try to use, like

        select *
        from producer
        inner join director on director .entityId = producer.producerId
        left outer join name on director .entityId = name.entityId
        left outer join address on director .entityId = address.entityId
        left outer join phone on director .entityId = phone.entityId
        left outer join email on director .entityId = email.entityId
        where producerId = 1
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