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Is there a way to wrap the editor window in extra layers of markup, so that I can simulate particular css contexts?

For example, I in my stylesheet, I might have a selector like:

 .container #articleBody h2{/* some styles */}, 

But I'm applying CKeditor to a textarea that edits what goes into #articleBody, so I'd need a way to apply a wrapper around the editor container with an id of #articleBody, and a wrapper around that with a class called .container to get styles from my site's stylesheet to apply correctly within the CKEditor editing iframe.

(Note: This is a follow-up question to CKEditor -- seeing styles in editor window, but I felt the issue was significantly distinct enough to warrant its own question.)

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You can use the bodyId and bodyClass, although they won't be enough for that selector.

The easiest option would be to use just

#articleBody h2{/* some styles */},

As the Id selector should be enough to scope that rule in the original page and you can use then the config.bodyId

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