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I'm attempting to use Printf.sprintf to print out a value that is within a type of multiple options

    type tid = int

    type lock = string

    type rdwrlock = 
      | Rdlock of lock
      | Wrlock of lock

    type rdwrlockid = rdwrlock * tid

Basically, I want to print out a "rdwrlockid", which is (rdwrlock*tid) and I can print out the "tid" easily using the %d option in printf, but how do I access the string within the lock within the rdwrlock?

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Sticking to your example it could be done as follows:

let y, z = (Rdlock "a", 1) in
Printf.printf "%d %s\n" z (match y with Rdlock r -> r | Wrlock w -> w)

It may be simplified a bit:

type lck = READ | WRITE
type lckid = lck * tid

let k, i = (READ, 1) in
Printf.printf "%d %s\n" i (match k with READ -> "R" | WRITE -> "W");

Or if you do need string representation of lock oftenly, you may write a helper function:

let string_of_lock k =
    match k with
    | READ  -> "R"
    | WRITE -> "W"

And then use it in printf:

Printf.printf "%d %s\n" i (string_of_lock k)
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