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I need a tool to monitor my web applications. The problem is that these applications may fail after login because of out of memory or database problems, but the main website page is usually just fine. So simple tests that just access one url won't detect the problem.

The well-known free hosted solutions are not useable for me, because I need to log in to each website using username and password, and I cannot make this information available to anybody outside the company.

The tool should do the following:

  • run a few steps like login, execute simple query, logout
  • check http response with simple regular expression
  • should work with both http and https
  • runs on Linux

There are several functional testing tools that could do the job like JMeter, Selenium, Canoo Webtest, but these seem to be overkill for my requirements. Is there a simpler solution?

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Couldn't you create demo accounts for your web applications with zero privileges in order to use the free hosted solutions? –  namsral May 5 '11 at 8:17
I am not aware of a free web monitoring service that allows scripting (login, query, check results, logout). Besides that, even minimal privileges will leak private information, therefore any 3rd party service outside the organisation is not an option. –  nn4l May 6 '11 at 7:34

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It sounds like you just need something to ping your server and make sure every page is returning a 200. you could look into a simple server monitor (Nagios, etc.) that wouldn't need login requirements.

If you want to go the route of a functional tool, I would either create a test account on each system to use the free web-based tools; OR use Jmeter as you can create a fast quick sript that logins in and either spiders through the site (hitting every URL) or doing just a few actions.

With JMeter you can also easily add assertions other then an http 200 response.

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+1 for meter scripting –  Heiko Rupp May 6 '11 at 8:29

The well-known free hosted solutions are not useable for me, because I need to log in to each website using username and password,

Did you try AlertFox yet? Their free plan includes browser-based website monitoring ("real browser monitoring"). You can use iMacros to script multi-page transaction tests and run them on AlertFox. This includes automating logins and other form filling.

See http://www.alertfox.com/free-website-monitoring/

Alternatively you can combine Selenium or iMacros (free browser addons) with Nagios for a local setup (check_selenium etc).

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