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because of problems with the bullets in crystal report (they simply dont appear), i want to change the bullet sign to something similiar like ' * ' or '●'.

the rtf specification (http://www.biblioscape.com/rtf15_spec.htm#Heading33) says for \pnlvlblt

Bulleted paragraph (corresponds to level 11). The actual character used for the bullet is stored in the \pntxtb group.

and for \pntxtb

'{' \pntxtb #PCDATA'}'

#PCDATA means text without control words. 

anyone here knows how to achieve this?

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To store bulleted text in MySQL and show in crystal report with C# -set data type as blob in MySQL table -to save, use rich textbox in c# and in sql statement, set the parameter's data type as blob

cmd.Parameters.Add(new MySqlParameter("@Description", MySqlDbType.Blob));

-to retrieve, I use parameter field for crystal report and change the string got from select statement to unicode

byte[] myByte = (byte[])dtResult.Rows[0]["rdescription"];
string res = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(myByte, 0, myByte.Length);

-Set Text Interpretation to RTF Text for that parameter field.

It works for me.

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