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Is it possible to submit extjs form via HTTP PUT method? I want to update record on Rails 3, which accept PUT method to update.

Here is my code:

formData.submit({       url: "/layers/" + param.layer_id + "/rules_property_thresholds/" + ,
        params: param,
        waitTitle: "Please wait...",
            waitMsg: 'Updating rule property threshold...',

I place method PUT but the request still doing POST when I check on Firebug(Net). Thanks

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I didn't try it but from my understanding the following might work:

myForm.on('beforeaction', function(form, action) {
    action.options.method = 'PUT';
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Only HTML5 is supporting PUT via the form directly. Forms up until now only support GET & POST.

For now you need to use ajax to submit the form via PUT:

        url: 'your url', // you can fix a parameter like this : url?action=anAction1
        method: 'PUT',
        params: {
            myField1: myField1.getValue()
            // all your params.... 
        success: function (result, request){
            alert('Succesfully added ' + result.responseText);
        failure: function (result, request){
            alert('Error in server' + result.responseText);
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i don't know anything about rails...
but I'm used to in couchdb like this

var a = {
    _id : "gordon",
    xtype : "user"

    method : "PUT",
    url: "/db/egy",
    jsonData : a,
    success : function(){
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