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Essentially I have a View called 'promo' that's built on a Nodequeue. It is being restricted to 1 row, and order by Global:Random

The view itself is being used for a block on the site.

Additionally, the view same view is being for a node reference field 'field_promo'.

What I would like to do is to obtain the 2 most recent rows from the promo view, and use these as the default values for field_promo.

What this requires is that I:

  • load the view
  • remove the global:random sort
  • add a created sort
  • change pager to display 2 rows instead of 1
  • execute the view


Since writing all this and making sure I'm not an idiot, I've gathered together the solution which I may as well post below since it took me so long to find it! (will post solution after 8 hours, I'll give points if you crack the answer before I get to post :P)

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Here is the solution I came up with:

$view = views_get_view('promo_feature');
$view->is_cacheable = FALSE;
$view->set_item('default', 'sort', 'random', NULL);
$view->add_item('default', 'sort', 'node', 'created',array('order' => 'DESC'));
$output = $view->display_handler->preview();

foreach($view->result as $row){
  $return[]=array('nid' => $row->nid);


$view->set_item($display,$type,$id,NULL) removes that item from the view

I suspect there's a more refined version of this code, however it took me so long to get there I'm afraid to touch it in case I destroy it :)

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