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I have a post handler that uses a 'from google.appengine.ext.db.djangoforms.ModelForm'. It pulls the existing instance the data base then initialises the form by:

  myForm = TestForm(instance=self_instance, data=post_data)

I'm only putting one of the three properties in the post_data which is being correctly copied to the form but the other two properties which already have values in the 'self_instance' are being set to None. Can this be avoided?

Thanks, Richard

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  1. If you supply instance arg, the form is considered unbound
  2. If you supply data arg, the form is considered bound

If you supply both, data will override instance (=> same as case 2, form bound).

So in your case, it's better to load self_instance then update it with data and then use the unbound form:

myForm = TestForm(instance=self_instance)
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thanks for clarifying that. Is there a simple way to update the data? –  richard druce May 5 '11 at 9:55

This is giving me the behaviour I'm after:

if self_instance:
  logging.info('creating form with instance so updating the post data, we need this to bind the form so we can validate it')
  if post_data:
    #update the post data with existing values
    for prop in self_instance._properties:
      if prop not in post_data:
        cur_prop_val = getattr(self_instance, prop)
        if isinstance(cur_prop_val,db.Model):
          post_data[prop] = cur_prop_val
    logging.info('no post data so not adding it to form')
  form_data = form_class(data=post_data,instance=self_instance)
  logging.info('creating form without instance')
  form_data = form_class(data=post_data)  
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You don't show your form definition. But, generally, if you don't want to include fields in the form, you should specify them in the Meta exclude tuple - then they won't be overwritten by non-existent POST data.

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thanks for your answer, sorry if I didn't clarify the question. I don't want exclude any fields, I'm posting from a thick client but it's only one of the three parameters. The default behaviour seems to be setting everything else to None but I want to remember the instance values that are present for the other two fields. –  richard druce May 5 '11 at 9:57

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