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I am embedding jython in my Java application. Users will be able to submit and execute some python scripts. I want to make sure that they will not access some vulnerable java packages/classes from those scripts. Another option is to disable java intergation at all.

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There is a possibility to set a custom class loader which jython will use. Code looks like that:

final PySystemState state = new PySystemState();
state.setClassLoader(new MyClassLoader());

And then in MyClassLoader you can check which java class is being accessed in a script and reject it based on some criteria. This will look something like that

public class MyClassLoader extends ClassLoader
  protected synchronized Class<?> loadClass(final String className, final boolean resolve)
      throws ClassNotFoundException
    if (className.startsWith("secret.class"))
      throw new RuntimeException();

    return MyClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().loadClass(className);

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Have a look at the java security manager, that allows you to select what can be accessed or not.

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