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Is it possible to make two or more msgids matching one msgstr?

For example, both ('list.empty') and ('list.null') return "There is no any objects yet."

If I write this way in po file:

msgid "list.empty"
msgid "list.null"
msgstr "There is no any objects yet."

It just errors with "missing 'msgstr'":


msgid "list.empty"
msgstr "There is no any objects yet."

msgid "list.null"
msgstr "There is no any objects yet."

Looks and works fine but stupid, because once I change one msgstr without another, they return different result.

Does anyone have any better hacks?

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You are approaching gettext in the wrong way. Here is how it works:

  • msgid is required for each entry
  • msgctx is optional and used to differentiate two msgid records with same content that may have different translations.
  • (msgid,msgctx) is the unique key for the dictionary, if msgctx is missing you can consider it null.

Please check gettext documentation before starting to implement it, it is not so simple http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#PO-Files

Now for your case, here is how you are supposed to implement it:

msgctx "list.empty"
msgid "There is no any objects yet."

msgctx "list.null"
msgid "There is no any objects yet."
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It spells msgctxt not msgctx. –  brablc Mar 24 at 22:39
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