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What do I need to develop for a Windows Tablet PC on a regular PC? Do I need an emulator and SDK (I am coming from Android development), or is it just a special mode of standard Windows 7?
Can anyone point me to some good resources about it?

Thank you

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Windows 7 (and Vista) have the Tablet PC libraries in all Premium editions and up. You may need to go to Programs and Features and install the Windows feature Tablet PC Optional Components if it had been removed by you, your OEM, etc.

At that point you'll have the libraries you need to develop in C++, a .Net language, VB6, or another language that can use COM and ActiveX.

However you'll want the Tablet PC SDK as well, and for a Win XP system (that isn't Tablet Edition) you'll need it for the libraries too. Version "1.7 Update" seems to be the newest as I write this. There is also a TPCSDK 1.7 Supplement. Check Microsoft Downloads for these.

In many cases you can dvelop on a desktop system, making sure to set UseMouseForInput = True or the equivalent depending on what controls and classes you're using. You can also use outboard digitizer pads.

But a target platform for testing is very useful, such as either a pen/stylus touchscreen digitizer or even a capacitive multitouch screen (not the best choice, poor drawing resolution since they're made for fingers or a "fat tip" stylus).

See Tablet PC Platform

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