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I've two froms which need to communicate simultaneously. When certain element in FORM B is clicked, FORM A is shown and some operation is performed. But the foreach loop inside FORM B should work when i click some next button in FORM A after the first operation.

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Can you modify the constructor of your FormA

public FormA(Form F1)
   formB = frm as FormB;            

Show the form from FormB as

FormA frmA = new FormA(this);

Now you have a reference of FormB in FormA. Now expose the loop logic in a public method which could be accessed by this instance of FormB

Hope this helps.

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@Muhammad Ali Did this work ? – V4Vendetta May 9 '11 at 9:41

Another option is to create your own events in FormB and subscribe to them in FormA here is a few examples:

Also here is a greate sample about how to do this:
How can I make my own event in C#?

Note also,while what V4Vendetta offered would be the easy way to do this-this however is probably the better way to do this,and also a better practice.

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