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I found there is an api, but I want this rect only have the top2 round corners, What can I do?

canvas.drawRoundRect(new RectF(0, 100, 100, 300), 6, 6, paint);
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You can draw that piece by piece using drawLine() and drawArc() functions from the Canvas.

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I would draw two rectangles:

canvas.drawRect(new RectF(0, 110, 100, 290), paint);
canvas.drawRoundRect(new RectF(0, 100, 100, 200), 6, 6, paint);

Or something like that, you just overlap them so that the upper corners will be round. Preferably you should write a method for this

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What about I need to set alpha with the whole rect, the overlap section would have different alpha value with others –  virsir May 5 '11 at 12:13

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