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I have 02 pages


  function def($var){
      echo "$var";

2.php (calling page)


create a debug small function

    function debug(){
     echo "called in script".$script;
     echo "<br>"
     echo "called at line".$at_line;

How can I implement the function debug() to get the information as described?

EDIT: I know we can use

$file = $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]//to get the script name

What is difference

  $arr = debug_backtrace();

  $file = $arr[0]['file'];//to get the script name

Which ways should use for my case.?

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You could easily do it inline using the magic constants __FILE__ and __LINE__.
If you want to use a debug function call, you have to backtrack to the previous call using debug_backtrace.

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You want debug_backtrace. To see what kinds of information you can get out of it, try running this:


in your debug function.

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you can use the magic constants:

PHP Magic Constants

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This (probably) won't work. Not that the magic constants don't do exactly what they say, but for this case, the person asking the question wants information about the function calling debug, an understandable request. Putting __ FILE __ in debug() will always yield the same answer, as one would expect, and it would be the file debug() is in. Similar results will occur for other magic constants. – John Chadwick May 5 '11 at 10:35

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