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suppose we have the following class

class patientmanager
void set_patient_date(int,int,int);
void admit_patient();
void discharge_patient();
bool get_physician_availablity();
void scheduleOperations();
string patient_name;
string patient_admission_date;
string physician_name;
string operation_date;

how can we make this class a more cohesive class.

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I guess that you should break things up instead of trying to make the class more cohesive.

Start by identifying the nouns and make them your classes.







Then identify the verbs that act upon the nouns.




Identify if objects reside inside other objects.

Patients are admitted to Hospitals.

Hospitals have Wards.


Then you have a rather solid base to build upon.

The class in its current state is an anti-pattern named GodClass. It is simply doing to much stuff.

A ManagerClass is often a tell-tale sign that the design is broken in some way.

I hope the answer helped somewhat.

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Agreed. Zia ur Rahman's class isn't cohesive because it mixes up too many problem space entities. However, the classes I see from his sample are: Patient, Stay, Physician, and Operation. – Daniel T. May 5 '11 at 11:55
Is "Stay" some sort of duration? What relation does it have to the other classes? I didn't identify it as class, infact I didn't even notice it. :) – Mats Wiklander May 5 '11 at 12:13
A Stay would consist of two dates for a patient (admission date, discharge date where the former must be before the latter.) Another invariant is that the time/date of an operation must be between the Stay's dates in order to be associated with a particular Patient. – Daniel T. May 5 '11 at 15:45

Aren't you mixing up things?

Shouldn't the Patientmanager only admit/ discharge patients? Then add a Patient class and a Case class that combines patient, stay and procedures performed.

On hints how to structur medical information, HL7 is always worth a look. Go and google it, there are many references around.



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I think must do something like this:

class Patient
    void setPatientDate(...);
    void setPhysician(...);
   string name;
   string admissionDate;
   string operationDate;
   Physician physician;

class Physician
    bool getAvaliability();
    void admitPatient(Patinet ..);
    void dischargePatient();
    void scheduleOperations();
    string name;
    bool isAvaliable;

In other words you need to find all enteties: Patient, Physician, Manager, etc. And divide those methods between them.

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