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I have a controller and a customized ActionInvoker. I can set the customized ActionInvoker as following,

public HomeController()
    this.ActionInvoker = new MyActionInvoker(..);

But don't want to do this in every controller (and I don't want to use a base controller either). I want to use Ninject to inject the ActionInvoker. Since ActionInvoker is part of the base controller I can't add [inject] to it. I searched a lot and tried something like

   x =>x.Kernel.GetService(typeof(IActionInvoker)));

But it didn't work. Am I doing it wrong? Or any suggestion to achieve what I wanted. Thanks

Update: This works, something else was wrong. Thank you for the answers.

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Which MVC version do you use and do you use any of the Ninject.Web.Mvc extensions? There are probably some side effects with your current implementation. – Remo Gloor May 5 '11 at 14:16

Have you tried:


    .InjectPropertiesWhere(p => p.Name == "ActionInvoker");
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Thanks. But the methods you mentioned were gone in ninject2. Anyway, the method I used works. It was something else wrong. It happens. :) – h--n May 5 '11 at 12:57

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