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I am calling the function (JoblistAdd) inside the tag.

See the below code in Index.cfm

<cfajaxproxy cfc="TimesheetHours" jsclassname="js_TimesheetHours"> 

<script >
 var obj_TimesheetHours = new js_TimesheetHours();
var strMsglist=

Below , component code TimesheetHours.CFC

<cffunction name="JoblistAdd" >
<cfargument name="AddList" required="yes" >
<cfargument name="userID" required="yes"  >
<cfargument name="weekending"  required="yes" >
<cfargument name="Approved"  required="false" >

<cfset JobArray =arguments.AddList>
<cfset userID =arguments.userID>
<cfset weekending =arguments.weekending>
<cfset tsApproved =arguments.Approved>
    <cfdump var="#JobArray #"><cfabort>

But i could not able to reach till the dump , I think it is not coming inside the function , Please share your thoughts

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You have to give the access attribute as 'remote'. In your case its by defualt public.

<cffunction name="JoblistAdd" access="remote">

hope that helps.

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Great dude, it worked !! – Arasu May 5 '11 at 12:06

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