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Netbeans 7.0 is highlighting lines as syntax error when i use PHP inside JavaScript

In my case

<script type="text/javascript">
        step: true,
        if($_SESSION["rate_of_".$coObj->company_id] == 1)
            echo 'isDisabled: true,';
            echo 'isDisabled: false,';
        length : 1,
        decimalLength : 0,
        rateMax: 1,

        onSuccess : function(){
            alert('Success : your rating has been saved');
        onError : function(){
            alert('Error : please retry');

all the lines below PHP code are highlighted, and first line says that missing : after property id

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edit your syntax to this:

    if($_SESSION["rate_of_".$coObj->company_id] == 1)
        echo 'true';
        echo 'false';
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@Marek: I don't really see that as an answer, more of a workaround (which doesn't always work)...

NetBeans should make things easier, not make us change syntax to avoid it failing in the highlighting...

Anyways, I use a lot of mixed Javascript/PHP code, and NetBeans fails miserably all over the place...I also use Notepad++ which doesn't have any problems with this...


function showUpload<?php echo $upload_number;?>(file) { /*some code*/ }


    content: function(api) { return $(this).parent().attr('data-tip'); },
<?php if ($option_help == 'icon') { ?>
    show: { event: 'click' },
<?php } ?>
    position: {my: 'bottom left',at: 'top left'}

Does anyone know of a better solution to the OP's question?!?

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