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I have an xml that contains many CDATA tags which themselves contain an xml document each as a string.

currently these blocks of CDATA are really just this, a string without any formatting.

Is there any way to let dreamweaver auto format/indent those codeblocks within the CDATA tags?

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As those blocks are not XML within the context of the XML document, due to being within the CDATA blocks, Dreamweaver has no way of knowing that they can be formatted, not even with the Apply Formatting to selection command.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can suggest within Dreamweaver is to copy and paste the XML content you want formatted into an empty document, then go to Commands -> Apply Source formatting, and then copy and paste the formatted content back into your source document.

I just checked in Aptana 3 and I can select content within a CDATA block and go to Source -> Format (CTRL+Shift+F on my windows system). Don't know if the same applies to other Eclipse based applications. So maybe you can do this step in Aptana.

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