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I have an input-field inside a form, which class changes dynamically, depending on an ajax-script (which i can not modify) from "foo" to "foo bar" back to "foo". I would like to modify the style of the field, when it's length is > 0, it's value does not contain "nid" and it's class is not "bar". My first idea was to have a setTimeout, that gets called every time the input field's class is "bar", until it is "foo". But i do not know whether this is good practice, nor how to do it …

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The easiest thing would be to bind the change or keydown event on the element to catch if the contents of the field matches.

If it matches you add a class fx baz, if it doesn't matches you remove that class.

That would make it possible for you to style the element with CSS. Make a rule with the class bar that will override the rule with the class baz.

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use keyup event of input field

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Your answer replies only to 1 of 3 conditions … »I would like to modify the style of the field, when it's length is > 0, it's value does not contain "nid" and it's class is not "bar"«. Especially the class-Problem keeps my mind muddled … –  idle May 5 '11 at 12:36

Doing that's fine. Or you can use setInterval which will fire repeatedly, then call clearInterval once the condition is met.

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Sounds pretty good. How can I do this? –  idle May 5 '11 at 12:38

You might want to take a look my jQuery plugin for detecting user input. It normalizes the HTML5 oninput event across all the major browsers so it can detect input from keyboards, spelling corrections, pasting, dragging & dropping, etc.

Using that plugin, your code might look something like this:

$("#myInput").input(function () {
    var $this = $(this), val = this.value;
    if (val.length && val.indexOf("nid") === -1 && !$this.hasClass("bar"))
        $this.css("color", "red");
        $this.css("color", "green");

Working demo: http://jsfiddle.net/hVDP8/

oninput has many benefits over using timers or the onkeyup event, such as code execution before the new value is painted on the screen. In fact, it's perfect for this type of situation.

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