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all android is new for me , so i just want to know that is it possible to get temperature of particular location on mapview ?

In my application i want to show temperature of location when user tap on map. so it can happen then please help..

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Yes it's possible:

  1. When user taps on map you can get the location of the point: Get coordinates on tapping map in android

  2. Query an online Weather service to get temperatures for given location: for example Yahoo Weather

  3. Show popup on map that tells the temperature: Show popup above map marker in MapView

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Thanks for the help i think it will work.. –  M.J. May 6 '11 at 4:47

In order to find the temp, fetch info from a weather API like Yahoo's and match it to the device's location.

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There is no by default API for this under google maps API. You need to search for any separate weather API's which provide temperature data based on locations.

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