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<input type="text" value="Orchard" id="tag" name="tag" class="input-text"/>

In a html textbox I supply word Orchard and it is getting a list of orchard pics in my site.

I have some words like orchard garden, orchard for sale and so on...

If I supply as Orchard Garden, a + is coming in between them and i can get results from db. (db coding are not done by me, it were already completed by sql people)

So what the soln?

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A + character is an encoded space. Your server form handling library should take care of that for you.

If it doesn't, then you are either:

  • Using a broken form handling library that needs to be fixed or replaced
  • Bypassing the decoding functionality of your library (don't do that) or
  • Not using a form handling library at all (Start. Handling form data is complex enough that it is not worth reinventing the wheel)
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