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i want to make a corelated query using KO3 ORM, meaning that i want to have two conditions in an where:

now i have:

   public function get_free(){
            return $this->where('static_members_only','=',self::FREE);

and i would like to have:

   public function get_free(){
            return $this->where('static_members_only','=',self::FREE) AND (some other conditions)

is it possible?

thank you!

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and_where() is just a proxy to where(), so there is no difference whichever you choose to use. So


will produce something like:

SELECT models.* 
FROM models 
WHERE something = '$something' 
AND something_else LIKE '$something_else'

Of course, all vars will be escaped / prepared so you don't have to worry about sql injection.

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thank you. works! –  dana May 5 '11 at 20:54

can you try : Kohana's where_open() and where_close() methods ? I think it should be done that way.

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i don;t know abut these methods. are they kohana3's? also, can you give me an usage example? thank you! –  dana May 5 '11 at 13:36

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