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I have a requirement to display a somewhat large amount of text, read only to the user. It can be up to a maximum of 500 characters, which isn't excessive, but it's still a lot. Since it's read only I was thinking of a label a versus text area box, if it can handle that much. Is there a better way to do this than I'm not aware of? Thanks, James

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Either a Label or a TextBox will definitely be able to handle 500 characters.

Think of all the blog posts, Wikipedia articles, Stack Overflow questions, longer than that that have been written. They were all composed in a text box and displayed in a div. You'll be fine.

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I wasn't thinking about that. Thanks! –  James Drinkard May 10 '11 at 23:30

Label works fine. Just remember that the default css for white-space collapses whitespace rather aggressively. If your text includes line breaks you may want to switch to pre or pre-wrap.

The most straightforward (if not necessarily most correct) way to do that is:

    Label myLabel = new Label();
    myLabel.getElement().getStyle().setProperty("whiteSpace", "pre");

Note the Camel Case on the CSS attribute.

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Thanks for all the responses. That is what I'll use. –  James Drinkard May 10 '11 at 23:31

500 chars is no big deal so it will be ok. Label is ultimately calling element.innerHTML = text which is a browser-native Javacript function that can handle any amount of text.

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