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Is there any way to to emulate the power management features in order to test something like a WakeLock on the android emulator? This would be in case of temporarily being unable to test on a real device and to ease debugging.

Maybe this makes no sense, but I thought it might be worth asking people out there who probably know a lot more about this and can give me a definite NO if that is the case or a YES and guide me as to how.


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Hey, a similar issue arose this week for us. I think I found what it was.

For us, the issue was a setting in the emulator.

Go to:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Stay awake (This way, the screen will never sleep while charging)

I guess in the emulator's case it behaves like it is always charging and therefore the screen never locks even if you change values in: "Settings -> Display -> Screen timeout" which is what we were unsuccessfully doing.

Hope that this helps!

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WakeLock should work the same way on the emulator as on a hardware device. maybe if you could be more specific as to what you're trying to test?

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My emulator's screen never times out, maybe there are some settings I need to set that I haven't but the screen always stays on, unlike with a real device where then screen normally dims and then gets turned off requiring the device to require unlocking. Is the emulator supposed to work like this too ? What am I doing wrong ? – bluediapente May 5 '11 at 13:56

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