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I am trying to delete contacts from my application and also from a users Google Mail contacts, which I am using a helper file for. The helper file has the following Delete method:

public static void Delete(string pGoogleUsername, string pGooglePassword, string EditUri)
        RequestSettings rs = new RequestSettings("myApplication", pGoogleUsername, pGooglePassword);
        rs.AutoPaging = true;
        ContactsRequest cr = new ContactsRequest(rs);

        ***ContactsQuery query = new ContactsQuery();
        query.Uri = new Uri(EditUri);

        AtomFeed contacts = rs.Query(query);

        AtomEntry entry = new AtomEntry();
        entry = contacts.Entries[0];***


I feel okay about the code, apart from the code inside the stars. I get an error under the word "Query" in AtomFeed contacts = rs.Query(query);.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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See if my code here helps you get your contacts a bit better:

MVC 3 and Google Contacts API

try for instance: cr.Delete(entry); or f.Entries.First() etc inside the following loop:

foreach (Contact entry in f.Entries)
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