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I am trying to do the same thing as it is done here:

Unable to find enum type for static reference in WPF

but instead of enums I have some string constants:

namespace MyProject.XYZ
     public class MyConstants
          public const string AAA = "Type AAA";
          public const string BBB = "Type BBB";
          public const string CCC = "Type CCC";

I have a couple of radio buttons that look like this:


<RadioButton IsChecked="{Binding Path=CurrentSelection, Converter={StaticResource MyConverter}, ConverterParameter={x:Static myConstants:MyConstants
.AAA}}" />

But i get an error in regards with the command parameter: 'myConstants:MyConstants.AAA' member is not valid because it does not have a qualifying type name.

I've done it with enums and it works, but the application that I am working on heavily relies on these constants.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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This answer is a bit late but for somebody else could this be a usefull solution:

Define the class like this:

  <local:MyConstants xmlns:local="clr-namespace:MyProject.XYZ" x:Key="MyConstants"/>

And the Binding like this:

{Binding Path=CurrentSelection, Converter={StaticResource MyConverter}, ConverterParameter={StaticResource MyConstants}}
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Another great answer! Thank you Silvermind. – asuciu Apr 12 '12 at 17:25
Your welcome ;) – Silvermind Apr 12 '12 at 18:48

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