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What are the reporting capabilities of LightSwitch? Will 3rd party controls be needed or will Microsoft offer integration with Reporting Services?

Taken from Michael's blog

DevExpress released a free reporting control for LightSwitch. And this is excelent news.

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In addition to Michael's suggestion: Derek @ Spursoft Solutions has an SSRS Control here:<br/> There is also an interesting article that I would recommend reading here:… – Tim Leung May 7 '11 at 21:54
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DevExpress has a pure LightSwitch reporting tool. It includes:

  • Native Entity and Query Binding
  • Native LS Report Screen
  • Asynchronous Data Fetch (makes it more responsive)

Here is some information:

Hope this helps!

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Apparently DevExpress no longer offer the XtraReports for Lightswitch product.

I received this information from when I looked into purchasing it (they spoke to the publisher because I had a query regarding whether I would also need to purchase a DXperience subscription).

The DevExpress website somewhat confusingly still has webpage for purchasing XtraReports for Lightswitch (as of 14 June 2012).

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2 have had further communication with the publisher who have now said "Because LightSwitch is incompatible with Silverlight 5, both XtraReports for LightSwitch and DXEditors for LightSwitch are only available as part of DXperience v2011 vol 1. So I can create a special order for the customer, but he will have to use the previous version." So looks like it is still available but that you need to ensure you get the correct version. – Stonack Jun 15 '12 at 9:31

If you decide to settle for a 3rd party reporting, check out Telerik Reporting - there is a blog on how to use its Silverlight report viewer in LightSwtich.

There are a few considerations, which could be considered drawbacks depending on your case:

  • Local binding is not possible currently, since the reports are generated server-side and only previewed on the Silverlight client.
  • Telerik Reporting does not offer an end-user report designer yet, so it is still a pure developer solution.

I hope this helps...

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