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I want to grab the data source from my connection string. I know I can use


and extract it out with regex. But, it seems there should be an easy way to grab this data source. I don't want to grab from character position because that would be fragile to any changes in the ordering of the string.

I am using entity framework 4. The connection string is generated and begins with


This appears to complicate things as the suggested object SqlConnectionStringBuilder throws error

"Keyword not supported: 'metadata'."

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It's possible to do this (

Dim varConnectionString = Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("iSAMDBEntities").ConnectionString
Dim ecb As EntityConnectionStringBuilder = New EntityConnectionStringBuilder(varConnectionString)
varConnectionString = ecb.ProviderConnectionString
Dim varBiulder As SqlConnectionStringBuilder = New SqlConnectionStringBuilder(varConnectionString)
varServidor = varBiulder.DataSource
varBaseDatos = varBiulder.InitialCatalog
varUsuario = varBiulder.UserID
varClave = varBiulder.Password

Hope this helps.

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I found it hidden in the context.

EntityContextName context = new EntityContextName();
string datasourceName = context.Connection.DataSource;
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Trying this with EF 4.1 in a WinForms .net4 application only shows my entities (tables). There isn't a method for Connection. – Rich Shealer Jul 7 '14 at 18:56

If you are getting metadata error

"Keyword not supported: 'metadata'."

you can first use the EntityConnectionStringBuilder which can take connection string with metadata.

string connectionStringWithMetadata = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DbEntities"].ConnectionString;
EntityConnectionStringBuilder entityConnectionStringBuilder = new EntityConnectionStringBuilder(connectionStringWithMetadata);
SqlConnectionStringBuilder connectionStringBuilder = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder(entityConnectionStringBuilder.ProviderConnectionString);
// And now you can extract parts of the connection string
string dbUserName = connectionStringBuilder.UserID; 
string dbPassword = connectionStringBuilder.Password;
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Yes, there is a SqlConnectionStringBuilder class that should get you what you want.

Have a look at the MSDN documentation, this should get you close, here is the full detail, you will most likely just need to enumerate through the keys.

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This looks very good, but I don't think it works with entity framework which of course I happen to be using. I get error "Keyword not supported: 'metadata'.". – P.Brian.Mackey May 5 '11 at 14:33

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