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I want to ask a question about web gardening in IIS. There is an asp.net 2.0 web application running on IIS 6.0, application run on single worker process and InProc session mode.

I want to run application on multiple worker process(web garden) and i dont want to use either StateServer and SQLServer, Because application retrieve large data from oracle database. If i use stateserver or SQLServer, i think the performance will decrease.

It is possible to run application in InProc mode and multi worker process(about 3-5). But on every request sessionId not change(this is normal) and every request goes to different worker process. Is it possible to say IIS process same session on same worker process until this worker process is down.

Thanks in advance

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You should be able to implement Sticky Sessions through the load balancer. There is a dicussion on serverfault which may be useful: Load balanced IIS Servers with ASP.NET InProc Session.

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