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I have a Core Data that stores Movies and Actors. I get the list of movies through json. Each Movie has a cast(Actor, role)

So I have Movie, Actor, ActorRole entity. When i receive the list of movies(each movie has a unique movieid): - Fetch all movies currently in my database - i create a NSSet of existingMoviesID - i create a NSSet of newMoviesID - i do a minus set to get all really new movies - i loop through those newItems to add them to CoreData

This is pretty fast as i do only one fetch request. Now it gets very slow when i want to add the cast to the database What i do now when adding a new movie: - get Actor ID - create FetchReqyest for that Actor ID - execute the FetchRequest - if not found i add a new actor, else get the one in the CoreData - i create the ActorRole which create the relationship between the Movie and the Actor

I think this is amazingly slow because i do one Fetch for each movie So i am looking for better way to accomplish it.

Any ideas?


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You could fetch all the existing Actor objects in one go by using the IN operator to fetch all the Actor objects with actor_ID values in an array. Like so:

NSPredicate *P=[NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"actor_ID IN %@", arrayOfIdValues];

That would speed up your Actor fetch which appears to be your bottleneck.

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