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I have an objectset and want to perform a DISTINCT on the collection. The objects returned have about 10 properties each. I want to use the properties so projecting really isn't an option. Of the 10 properties, I only want the DISTINCT applied to two of the fields (DistrictId and ContactId). How do I do this?

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Since you want only elements that are different in terms of the combination of DistrictId and ContactId you could use GroupBy, then decide how you want to treat the duplicates. Each group in this case represents the items that fall into one distinct combination.

var results = context.MyCollection
                     .GroupBy( x=> new { x.DistrictId, x.ContactId })
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in the case that you just want one of each group use Select( g => g.First()); –  BrokenGlass May 5 '11 at 16:25
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You need to write your own or obtain an implementation of a DistinctBy method that allows you to perform distinction on projected information of the sequence contents while preserving the sequence type.

MoreLINQ provides an implementation of this method.

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... and use Tuple.Create(x.DistrictId, x.ContactId) as key selector –  Nappy May 5 '11 at 16:13
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You can try construct an anonymous type for handle this case. Suppose your class with 10 properties is Element

public class Element
        public int FirstProp { get; set; }
        public int SecondProp { get; set; }

       //others 8 cool properties

The query for extracting what you want with an extension method in linq:

IList<Element> element = new List<Element>();

            var result = new { P1 = element
                                .Select(X => X.FirstProp).Distinct()
                               P2 = element
                                    .Select(X => X.SecondProp).Distinct()
                               // do projections here over others 8 properties

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