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Is there a work around way to compile MFC files in Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think that Windows Driver Developer Kit contains MFC 4.2 headers and libraries. I newer tested if this is enough to compile even simple MFC application using Express Edition of VS, but I guess this is your only chance.

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I just try didn't work – Still Learn May 5 '11 at 16:03
What doesn't work? Can't it find required headers and libraries or something else? Have you set directories in VS correctly? – Zuljin May 5 '11 at 21:21

Perhaps you can find an old copy of the visual studio environment?

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I need to find MFC 4.2 headers, but the questions is where, to look for them. – Still Learn May 5 '11 at 16:41

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